Thursday, February 7, 2013

What horses don't like

       Horses don’t like to be scared, when a horse feels threatened or get confused they end up being fearful all the time and will panic. They will even end up being scared of their owner and may even try to hurt their owner.

       A horse does not like to be in physical pain, horses don’t like it when a bit is yanked because its hurts their mouth. They also don’t like it when a saddle is to small, or being whipped really hard. Some horses will suck it up but other horses will not tolerate it and will try to get rid of what is hurting them. For example if a saddle is too small a horse might bolt, kick, or rear.

        Horses don’t like inconsistency; they like to have routines and to know what is expected of them. They like to know if they have to behave a certain way, so they don’t like it when they get in trouble one day for acting the same as they do every day, it’s confusing.

        Horses don’t like to be surprised; they don’t like loud noises or people jumping and screaming around them. They may even be scared of small rustling noises. If they are surprised by a person then they may try to hurt the person because they feel threatened.

  Horses don’t like to be restrained and restricted, if a horse is in danger they can’t flee. They will eventually start to get used to it but if they are really scared they might try to get free and they may hurt themselves or you.

       They don’t like to be all alone, they like to be with other horses, horses may adapt to being alone if their owner pays a lot of attention to them. Horses like to be with other horses but they can also be put with other animals such as cows.

       Horses don’t like to be chased, since they are prey animals they really don’t like to be chased. Dogs may be small but when they are chasing a horse the horse see them as a threat. Even if a person is walking but following a horse the horse see the person as a threat, and the horse may flee or stay and try to fight the person.  

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